Which Type Of Cyclist Are You?

What do you love the most about cycling ?
Is it gear and accessories, bicycles, type of rides, measurements or maybe fitness that drives your motivation for everyday cycling ?
If you prefer one of the above interests more then others then you might categorize yourself as a certain type of cyclist.
Here are some examples of cyclists that Stuart Clarke described in which you can recognize your own type.

cycling hedonist

“It’s great to be part of the cycling fraternity,” they tell you about five times on each ride, regaling stories of how they got up at sunrise to be able to ride to the sound of birdsong.

Kind of person who is entirely in love with cycling to the point where he often talks how good it is to drive a bicycle, hear the sound of rubber on the tarmac and enjoying the countryside view.

cycling masochist

For many mere mortals, a century ride is a thing to aspire to and will likely include several coffee stops, a lunch stop and sometimes a dinner stop. But doing it against the clock? Get out of here.

The Masochistss are people who will give their 100% commitment towards some certain discipline of road cycling like hill repeats and time trials. They are the toughest riders and very competitive.

cycling statistician

“If we’re to climb that mountain in an hour we’ll have to average 300W,” they tell you, putting their calculator and power charts down.

The Statistician likes to work with the numbers, having their bikes equiped with all tech that can show data such as heart rate or incline angle, etc.
They also like to organize trips and calculate certain data that involves time, power and energy input.


 Fairweather Cyclist

Image Source: JeanBaptistem

These people spend hours of their lives plotting potential routes on Google Maps and then never actually ride them because “the weather looks a bit iffy”.

Fairweathers are the laziest type of cyclists because they will find any excuse not to climb the bike such as bad weather or “unknown” injury.
They are carefully planning cycling routes, checking the weather and often train at their home on stationary bike.

tech geek

“A real man rides a 53/39,” they snottily sneer at you, and they’ve not even started on slating your decision to plump for £300 wheels when there’s better ones on the market for ‘just’ £500 more, like the ones they’ve got.

Gear Geeks are type of cyclists that are obsessed with gear and accessories. Besides vast knowledge of cycling equipment they also like to upgrade their bike with the finest pieces of gear they can possibly afford. It is noticeable that they change their cycling kit almost every week and often can buy new stuff on every occasion they can. With having all that gear and knowledge they can still suck at repairing stuff.

cycling commuter
The commuter type are cyclists that beside using bike for training also like to ride it to work or school. Some of the nutty ones can ride from one to two hours before work just so they won’t “accidentally” skip training.

cycling veteran

“That was like when Eric Vanderaerden won stage 10 of the 1984 Tour de France,” The Historian chimes after they sprint past you.

Usually old guys who are very knowledgeable about cycling in general. They are very lovable by their local cycling club because they always have a tip to spare and funny story to tell.