Mechanical Doping – New Threat To Cycling Races

Electrical engines on bicycles are used for quite a while and serve to assist riders in cycling or commuting or support them on very large incline. They are usually putted in the center of the bike frame and are quite noticeable to anyone.

But at least once, while cycling in groups or training for an event, we were daydreaming to have some sort of hidden tech or tiny motor that will give us assistance for short amount of time and still remain unsuspicious to everyone.

Everybody would say, “Wow… how did slacker like you improve in such short amount of time? Taking some pills recently? Huh… your bike seems heavier that before, any chance you got some invisible engine, you cheeky bastard!?”, while you would have that joyful grind on you face knowing deep inside about your deception.

Apparently, such mechanical cheat exist and you can check it how it looks on this VIDEO:

Quite interesting, yet I do not know what will pay off more: to purchase “mechanical doping” itself to become “trendy” or maybe to get some thermal detection device to bust every suspicious rider who flies away from me without breaking a sweat on 10% incline.

There are also rumors that this form of cheat is exploited by some pro cyclist. Or at least French television Télévisions Stade 2 and Italian newspaper Corriere Della Serra are claiming so on this VIDEO:

Seat tube batteries, electrical rotors, electromagnetic wheel and spinning hamsters inside the crank… What is next? Pocket sized jet engines stuffed in riders buttocks fueled by bowel gases.

Anyway, these videos are quite intriguing and it will certainly raise the question about regularity in peloton. If this proves to be legit, then pro cycling will have another negative impact what will again badly reflect in the eyes of general media.