6 Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Easy Way of Exercise

Unlike other cardio or endurance sports like running, swimming or mountain biking, indoor cycling requires small amount of skill and your time. Especially, when you have a tight schedule with your daily obligations and struggling to find enough free time for your fitness activities, or simply because of the bad weather conditions, such as rain/wind, it is always helpful to have spinning machine or bicycle with stationary trainer.

Comfort and Safety

It is enough to say that indoor cycling is the safest and comfortable way to increase your fitness at your home or gym. With correct saddle setup, handlebar reach & body position you will lower the chances of injury (knees, ankles, lower back and crotch) to minimum and, unlike on- road traffic cycling witch requires your full attention , you will have enough comfort to track measuring gadgets, listen to music or even watch your favorite TV shows while pedaling.

Burns Calories

burn calories

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Cycling indoors is a very efficient way for losing some of your unwanted weight. With spinning machines or cycling stationary trainers, using them for only 30 min (10 min for warm-up and 20 min steady effort), you can spend 150-250 kcal of energy. Although, it does not sounds much but doing it frequently 3-4 times per week with constant resistance increase trough progress will result in even more energy spending.

Efficient Increase of Physical Capabilities and Fitness

Besides burning up calories, cycling will increase your strength, lung capacity, muscle volume and will further improve hear rate along with endurance. The most important thing is that it will give your body a natural look and with increased level of fitness will come faster metabolism.

Easy Progress Tracking

It is important to make your training exercises more measurable (heart rate & pulse, power output, anaerobic threshold, energy spent and etcetera), in order to efficiently track and record your progress and later analyze it on your smart phone or PC via some certain programs or applications. That way you can more easily recognize progress (for example by comparing 2 sessions from different time), what will even further improve your motivation to continue training.

Professional Guidance Availability

If you find yourself to lack motivation for cycling/spinning or simply cannot afford cycling treadmill/ spinning machine, it is a good idea to visit well equipped gyms with spinning classes. Along with good company, you will get guidance from professional trainers who will lead the class. Beside 30min/1 hour exercise, you will get further knowledge about training methods, correct body positioning, warm-ups & starching exercises and nutrition. In case you do not have such places in your town or rather would train at home, you can still follow awesome classes and training tutorials via internet media, such as You-Tube.