Huge Weight Loss Turns A Man Into Pro Cyclist

Overweight Graduate Accomplishes Extraordinary Results While Cycling

Mitchell Sides from Texas, as written by Ben Delaney, has lost tremendous amount of weight with cycling and later on became a pro cyclist after his college degree. It’s interesting that he wasn’t weight loss motivated, rather by watching his brother riding and one day decided to join in to give it a try. By being overweight he managed to get from 113 kg’s to 72 kg’s in short period of time:

I never really noticed that I was big until after the fact,” Sides said. “I never noticed I was very overweight until I wasn’t anymore. We did a 10-mile ride [16km] and I was just done, exhausted. But I kept going, doing other rides. Now we do 100-mile rides pretty much all the time.

Read Mitchell’s 3 Tips For Loosing Weight:

#1 Consistency

“Consistency is the number one thing,” Sides said. “I didn’t really change much as far as eating for a while. I was just riding more and more, and kept chugging along.”

Don’t concentrate on weight loss too much, instead focus on your new found passion as means for training motivation and having fun.
Being consistent with your training will certainly help you attain results that you desire.
cycling consistency

#2 Planning Nutrtion

“The biggest thing is to be aware of what you’re putting in,” Sides said. “If you think about it more, it will improve. What is tracked can improve. Just keep an eye on it.”

During constant training you need to be careful about what and how much you eat. Try to have sufficient meals before rides, bring enough supplements to replenish lost energy during training and do not overeat yourself after long runs.

#3 Don’t Be Too Strict

“I like counting calories a little bit, but you don’t have to be super strict,” Sides said. “In fact, if you’re too strict then that can lead to blowing it all. That’s one thing I’ve had issues with. You can have cheat days every now and then. But too much focus on quick weight loss can backfire.”

don't obsess
Remember, not being moderate while training and eating might lead to “blow up” and backfire on you. Having a “cheating” day once in a while could have a positive impact on your motivation. Treat yourself sometimes with your favorite snacks and try to be rested.