VIDEO – The Wackiest Single Speed Bike You Ever Saw

Do you have an old bicycle rusting in your garage and maybe some spare time? Do not let the old feller end up in scrap metal, as you can invest some time & money to make it all shine again… and maybe add some wacky feature to catch everyone’s attention.

Tree guys from France, including the pro cycling racer Jonah le Bon, hit the workshop and from an old single speed bike, made quite unusual maneuvering two-wheeler. As Golem13 reports they called it “Trocadero Fixie”

Check them in the act, as they hit the road to show off on their masterpiece:

“It apparently takes 10 minutes to master how to ride the bike. Swinging the hips causes the frame to pivot and the rear wheel to wing out, while the pivoting action can be disabled simply by inserting a pin, turning Trocadero into ‘normal’ bike.”

A very interesting design for a single speed bike that will certainly give its riders a rather hipster look with some curious glances… and probably some elbow scratches from falling.

The idea came up from Le Bon’s uncle who was also achieving cyclist in the past. They claim that building this bicycle cost them more than 5k €, which is quite expressive for classic bike and added mechanism.

Featured Image Source: Cycling Weekly