Are You Motivated Enough ?

All cyclists, pro or amateur, share a common thing, which is love and enthusiasm for riding bicycles on open, but sometimes it is hard to find enough motivation to keep pedaling. There are many reasons for lack of motivation:

Some cause of them are daily personal obligations ,like work & study  or any other activity that is time consuming, leaving small gap for free time. Other reasons can be fatigue, laziness, poor organization, lack of sleep and even bad nutrition. Overtraining or finding it hard to overcome some obstacles during ride can also do a big impact on your motivation. Here are a couple of tips that will help you to overcome those ‘dark’ times:

Try to bring a friend, with similar goals and capabilities, to ride with you. Having someone by your side is enough to boost your enthusiasm and create some competitive ‘tension’.  Besides friendly competition there will be always more support from each other during harder sections of route and doing this will continue to increase your motivation.

cycling club

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It is good idea to join some local cycling club. Doing so, you will not just ride with them, but learn tons of helpful stuff what will bring your cycling on another level. Besides improving your performance, from more experienced cyclists, you could learn for example: how to properly behave in group/traffic, improve your training program and organization, useful tips for bike parts and maintenance and etcetera. Plus being a member of cycling club will bring you more info and participation for some local/regional competitive events, what will get you motivated to set new goals.

Make your riding and training more measurable with installing some cycling programs/apps on you smart-phone along with measuring power input, energy output and heart rate.

If you having trouble to overcome some obstacles (climb or 30min high power output cardio), clear your mind and take control over your subconscious breathing. Focus on your pedaling by pushing down with quads and pulling up with gluts. If you are riding on hill, check for some distinctive landmarks (sing/tree) and concentrate your energy and riding towards reaching them. After passing one, find another landmark to focus and so on until reaching peak.

Do not push yourself training every day, because overtraining can lead towards fatigue and illness and after that it will be hard to find motivation for cycling or any physical activity. From time to time take a break and rest for couple days. That should be perfect time to do some work on your bike (cleaning, tuning and maintenance).

Try to have a good night sleep. Do not allow yourself to spend your evenings up late on PC or phone, because you will feel every time impotent while starting a new day.

Treat yourself sometimes by purchasing a new kit or piece of cycling equipment.