Advantages Of Cycling Alone VS Group Riding

Are you more of a solo or group rider? While there is no right or wrong in choosing weather you are going to cycle alone or with somebody , cycling in group is awesome because you are not just riding with other cyclists but also sharing experience, support each other to overcome hard obstacles and mostly because of friendly competative atmosphere.
But still doing solo rides can be enjoyable because there are a couple advantages towards group riding, says Stuart Clarke in his article.

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Planning Where & When You Want To Cycle

when and where to cycle

The only thing that matters is what you want to do and if you only want to do a quick 20 miles then that’s absolutely fine. Solo riding, though, means you can head out whatever time you want and just keep pedaling from the minute you leave the house. ”

Time and location of the ride with group usually is already known and frequently repeatable (Weekend Runs or Morning Training). Because daily obligations it is sometimes quite hard to organize yourself to be coexistent with time so it is a good idea to plan beforehand pleasurable solo ride.


You Can Ride With Your Own Pace

You not going to hold anyone up when you’re alone and no-one will care if you stop 10 times on your ride to enjoy the views. Do that in a group ride, though, and people will start to get annoyed.

Cycling group can be harsh to anyone who is not feeling good at the moment or have lower physical capacity. Often it will result for you to drop behind and eventually quit the group. If you are not feeling well or not good enough for group rides it is better to plan a smaller, easier route to go with your own pace.


Following a Training Plan Will Be Easier

If you need to concentrate on your interval splits then cycling alone is the best way to do it. Get your head down and concentrate and your plan will go to…plan.

It is easier to train with other people but if you want to improve further your skills in some areas such as climbing, sprinting or time trial with your own training plan, it is best to train solo because training in group could be a bit restricted.


You Are Feeling More Relaxed

While group rides are excellent for socializing, the constant chat can get in the way of actually enjoying yourself, which is sometimes all you want to do on a ride.

Cycling alone will give you more time to focus on road and give you more room to improve your own skills.


You Are Your Own Competitor

Most of us have cycling friends who we’re simply not as good as, meaning we always lose to them up hills and in sprints for sign posts.

There is always a bit of competition in group and you can find yourself not enjoying it quite often because there could be always someone better, beating you at almost every route checkpoint. To feel better for yourself it is desirable to plan certain stage or route that you can ride solo and compare the results each time. It will be matter of time when you will improve your performance training this way and be more competitive toward other cyclist in your group.