Overview – Best Cycling App In 2016

Whenever cycling or training, casual raiding and even commuting to work, every cyclist wants to make their rides more measurable, to track data and monitor progress. Either you are using Android or iOS, there are plenty of cycling apps that are presented from Phonearena and loaded with many fantastic features that could turn your smart-phone into cycling computer. But only few cycling apps really shine and offer superb features from many others that are available. Find out what is the best cycling app for you to use this spring:


Hit the road with Strava Cycling App

Strava cycling app
The most popular cycling app among the cyclists does not only serve to measure basic things, such as speed, distance, pace and energy burn, but it also can allow user to create their own routes, goals and compare themselves with other fellow riders to spice up some competition.

“Just do not forget to put an appropriate name for the ride. What is even niftier is that you can pair an ANT+ compatible gadget to further improve the accuracy of app. For example, if you have an AT+ cadence meter on your bike’s wheels, Strava can pair with this one and show you more accurate speed reading.”

Download Strava cycling app here.


Share cycling experience with Garmin Connect

Garmin Cycling App
This cool looking app is available for all platforms and it gives rider every possible data. Although, having Garmin wearable is needed for this app to be operational, it has one of the desirable features such as live tracking.

“Simply head for a ride and your friends will be able to check out your progress on Google maps on the fly.”

Download your Garmin cycling app here.


Measure your ride with Runtastic Road Bike App

Runtastic cycling app
Runtastic cycling app measures all data trough GPS of your smart-phone such as distance, speed, elevation changes and, of course calorie looses.
Besides providing you with the most important measurements, it also has features like voice couch with auto-pause and One Street Map integration for downloading local maps.

“You can also use the app with a compatible cadence or hear rate sensor.”

Download your Runtastic cycling app here.


Enjoy the environment with Map My Ride

Map My Ride cycling app
Map My Ride cycling app provides everything that tech-focused cyclist needs, but besides measuring essential cycling data with GPS like other popular applications, it has extraordinary feature what will further improve your cycling experience:

“You can control your music from it and the calories you have burnt will be directly supplied to MyFitnessPal, so that you get a fuller picture of your everyday calorie net gain.”

In addition, besides cycling, this cool app can track over 600 different activities.
Get Map My Ride app here.



My vote for the best cycling app goes to Strava for the sake of simplicity. I like the social aspect of it where you can compare to others and set goals, it’s really easy to use and not dependable on wearables like Garmin Connect to function on 100%. Like wearing gadgets? Get a Garmin Connect.

If you need more data and functionality you can try Map My Ride since it has addons for tracking pretty much anything beside cycling – a real fitness app. Also it can import preconstructed routes for you to follow but only in some cities.

Runtastic has cool voice features and integration for offline local maps and is more suited for relaxed activities.