AMAZING: This Mom Brings Her Kids Along On Rides

Toby, Anton and I bike all over from the Dumbo carousel to the childrens museum to school to the grocery store. Since the last time I composed about bikes was when Toby was a toddler, Id love to share what weve learnt more about biking with 2 little guys …

Back in my early twenties, I got my first bike in the city. It was a classic Schwinn, and I keep in mind feeling shaky and worried as I set out in the East Village. I seemed like all eyes were on me!(Of course, nobody cared.)But within a couple days, I felt strong and positive. You select it back up so quickly.

Nowadays the bike makes the city feel small and accessible, and we all love the feeling of flying down the course with the wind in our hair. We have the SWEETEST discussions on the bike since were all so relaxed and cooled out. Anton is permanently explaining ice geam gucks! and, somewhat inexplicably, Toby frequently belts out tunes from The Noise of Music.

Biking With Kids

In New york city, you can ride with a kid once they turn one, so we gave bike seats to the kids for their very first birthdays. If you have one young kid, I would absolutely recommend a front seat. You feel close and linked, because you can quickly talk and point at things and see exactly what theyre looking at. Plus, I find that having that additional weight in the front versus the back of the bike is simpler for balancing. (Heres a technique: Lean somewhat forward and see how comfortable and in control you feel, and then lean somewhat backwards. It feels much better to have that weight in the front, right?)

Once we had two kids on the bike, we put Anton in the front and moved Toby to the back. We picked the Yepp Maxi, which is comfy and shock-absorbing. We also purchased the seats at a bike shop, versus online, so that the expert bike people could install them.

Biking With Kids

A few ideas: Make sure your very own seat is high enough. It makes riding a million times much easier. Your leg needs to be almost directly when the pedal is at the bottom. I frequently see individuals with low seats, and I want there were some method to tell them, You would like biking so much more if you raised your seat 2 inches! Another method to tell if your seat is the ideal height: You need to have the ability to reach the ground on tiptoe with both feet at the same time.

  • Relieve into it. If youre new-ish to cycling in New york city City, you might begin riding in parks (Central Park and Possibility Park both have excellent loops that are regularly near automobiles) or on separate bike courses (like along the Hudson River Greenway) by yourself; then carry on to riding in the street; then move on to cycling with kids. And you can always choose relaxed, not-too-crowded streets: Brooklyn riding feels a million times much easier to me than midtown Manhattan!
  • Select a chill route. Flight the City is a fantastic app that tells you which streets have bike lanes. You can plug in your destination, and pick the direct, safe or more secure path.
  • Accessorize. NYC law says you should have a bell, plus a white headlight and a red tail light if youre riding at night. (We used to have this hamburger bell, which the boys liked!)
  • Protect your brain. Toby and I use Bern helmets (adult and kid) and Anton has a Lazer. Its very essential to make sure your helmets fit properly; they must cover your kids forehead and not slip back quickly (for example, Antons is actually too far back in the image above). Heres a valuable video.
  • Take a class. If youd want to discover how to ride, you can take complimentary classes all around the city. The majority of people discover how to ride within 2 hours!


Biking With Kids

We also have a double kick stand, which helps keep the bike balanced when Im lifting the
Biking With Kids

kids on and off. Biking together is our happy location, and Anton often begs to the point of tears to take a flight. It feels invigorating and breezy and wonderful, and it opens the city in a wonderful way. After work, we can make it to the waterside or a rooftop ice cream store or Possibility Park. And apart from riding with kids, Alex and I often ride to dinner, down charming winding streets; and Ill flight to work and get to stretch my legs and feel stimulated prior to starting the day.

What about you? Do you ride with kids? Cycling is so near and dear to my heart, so please leave any questions you have about cycling on your own or with little ones in the remarks and Ill make sure to respond to as best I can!

Update: To respond to a couple of FAQs: I ride this Public bike; its a lightweight, seven-speed city bike. My dress is from the Sezane Madewell collection, although sadly I think its sold out!

P.S. Three excellent NYC bike rides, and Tobys very first trip.

(Photos by Christine Han for Cup of Jo)