7 Ways To Lose Weight Through Cycling

Either you are cycling enthusiast, or normal person, riding a bike is a really good way to lose some of that unnecessary weight and gain natural looking body line. Here are 6 best (top) guides that will efficiently help you achieving these goals:

1) Organize Yourself And Make A Plan

You can create or make your own weekly schedule where you can plan your hours for training, work or hobbies. It is a good idea to have food diary for putting notes on type, quantity and quality of the food you took for one day. That way, should be easier to track calorie intake, which will help you decide on what to improve, and throw out from your nutrition.

2) Try Avoiding Industrial Or Any Kind Of Processed Food


Image Source: Backyardchickens.com

Processed food like cured meat, canned stuff and baker products should be avoided often, because they are loaded with chemicals, preservatives and flavors. On top of that they have high energy value and are easily digestible, which makes absorption fast. In another words, your body is not spending required energy to process food in that way for you to efficiently maintain or lose weight. Eat natural, whole, homemade products that are acquired at market place, butchery and healthy food stores.

3) Cut Sugar And Remove High Energy Drinks

Every person who wants to lose weight needs to cut down sugar intake. Carbohydrates provide cyclists and other sport-practicing individuals, whit energy necessary to push through any physical effort, but sugar (glucose) should be last on ‘use’ list. For alternative carbohydrate sources, eat fruits, rice or dark chocolate. Avoid any kind of soft/energy drinks, because they are loaded with sugar and some of them have more calories than regular daily meals. If you find cutting or removing sugar to radical, try to slowly lower its usage: For example: instead of 2 spoons for tea/coffee put 1 or ½. Drink water, try to avoid alcohol and if you are not a fruit lover, put them in blender, add some honey, milk, or egg yolk and make fruit juice or energy shake.

4) Use Natural Products While Training On Your Bike

food while training

Do not bother yourself whit energy bars, gels or any drink supplements, because having them always for training will only be impact on your budget. They do the work, but careless use and consumption while not training or doing any physical effort will only make things harder for any weight loss regime, so use them only in hard effort training conditions or race events. For alternative solution bring only water and homemade ‘energy’ bars, like cookies whit hazelnuts, raisins or any dry fruits. You can also make flapjacks/sandwiches with honey or jam and if you lack time to prepare it, then bring some bananas.

5) Carefully Plan Your Daily Meals

Start your day with plentiful breakfast, eat a good healthy lunch and finish whit small diner in the evening. Between meals treat yourself with any kind of nuts, almonds and fruit or dark chocolate, but do not over do it because dry and hard shell fruits have a lot of energy value. Try to have a good meal before training or you will blow out at the end of your ride. Consequence of suddenly overflowing fatigue will be overeating and that will bring you nowhere.

6) Balance Your Training

Balance your cycling and training by having more frequent/shorter (4×1 hour, Sun: 1×2-3 hours) than often/longer rides (2x2h, Sun: 3-5 hours). It will prevent post-train overeating, reduce chances of getting fatigue or illness and you will easier maintain shape, along with getting smooth body line.

7) Increase Your Commute Time

It is a good idea to increase or prolong your bike commuting, by going to work/school or stores/shops. From 20-30 minutes of casual riding per day, you can spend extra 150-200 kcal and doing so frequently over the following year, might lose some extra kilos/pounds.

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